Release 2024.0

Our first release for 2024 just landed.

The main feature of this release is probably the introduction of the blur nodes. The FastGaussianBlur in particular allows blurring textures in real time (even on mobile devices). Its resolution independent blurriness parameter makes it suitable for creating content agnostic effects.

We’re currently preparing the foundation for various masking features. The first one we’re introducing in this release is the Selector filter. This filter makes it easy to create a mask by selecting colors according to their lightness, chroma or hue. In the following demo, we’re cycling through the hue wheel to select the different colors of an artwork by muju, and blending the resulting selection onto a greyscale version of that same picture.

So far the Nope releases were only distributing a scene viewer, but a few more tools were actively developed behind the scene, and available in the development environment. We’ve decided to add one of them to the release: the diff tool, a simple tool to compare videos (and images):

In addition to the usual batch of bug fixes, various important changes were made to the API as we’re laying down the core foundations for an incoming redesign. For details, you can refer to the changelog.

Now, an important change not directly related to the software itself is that the Nope Forge company has been created to back up the project financially. This means that we now accept donations, and we’re also open to consulting work. We hope this will make the project sustainable in the long term. Our mission doesn’t change, and the project remains free and open-source.